Clarinet Family Tree
* = section leader
Dora Donacik
Dora Donacik | Class of 2024 | Major: BSoc | Hometown: Vestal, NY
Kate Burger
Kate Burger | Class of 2024 | Major: Environment & Sustainability | Hometown: Woodbridge VA
Uniform Chair (2021)
I'm irrationally afraid of sloths, like imagine if sloths could run fast.... bone chillingly spooky
"Solitude in E minor" "YAY E MINOR" "zzzz"
Linsey Chen
Linsey Chen | Class of 2024 | Major: Biological Sciences | Hometown: Roslyn Heights
Caidan Pilarski
Caidan Pilarski | Class of 2025 | Major: Physics | Hometown: Wolcott, CT
2022 - Equipment Chair
beans are just plant curds, and when we eat them they become man turds. oh words? by the way I'm the president, just thought you should know
"You know, with Hitler, the more I learn about that guy, the more I don't care for him" - Norm Macdonald