Clarinet Family Tree
* = section leader
Andrea Maghacot
Andrea Maghacot | Class of 2022 | Major: English and Feminist, Gender, amd Sexuality Studies | Hometown: Allentown, PA
I recommend the clarinet, hugs, kindness, people, Rank Z, emoticons, My Little Pony, equality, love and inspirational quotes:))))) P.S. I hope you're having a wonderfully wonderful day! P.P.S. You're beautiful and amazing and kewl as well ~(・∀・ )~
^-^ *inserts inspirational quote*
Ava Soule
Ava Soule | Class of 2022 | Major: French | Hometown: Nashua, NH
Pep Band Co-Social Chair 2019
Shrek should run for president.
"I like that boulder." -Donkey
Bailey Walvoord
Bailey Walvoord | Class of 2022 | Major: IARD | Hometown: Oakland
Carey Lau
Carey Lau | Class of 2022 | Major: Biology | Hometown: Freehold, NJ
Uniform Chair '19
I enjoy band, sunlight, honey nut cheerios, and saying I will definitely be awake to get breakfast with Leigh.
"I love Brandon"
Garrison Eatmon
Garrison Eatmon | Class of 2022 | Major: Operations Research & Engineering | Hometown: White Plains, NY
Bep Band Librarian '20, '21, Bep Band Historian '20
Bep band best band, and rank E supremacy. Also, I like mac.
Jess Sakamoto
Jess Sakamoto | Class of 2022 | Major: Engineering | Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
I'm actually a violinist-pianist-percussionist trying to blend in with the clarinets. It's going well so far - some of them have noticed, but surely the audience won't. I love salad and procrastinating homework with Ava.
Life is good!
Leigh Miller
Leigh Miller | Class of 2022 | Major: Environmental and Sustainability Sciences | Hometown: Lansing, NY
BRMB Secretary '19, BRPB Historian '19
Likes: band, parading, Appel cinnamon twists, the earth, Rank E, the 'nets<3 Dislikes: lack of band, climate change, only being able to take Introductory Oceanography with Bruce Monger one time :(
"Who's Leigh Miller?" -Giorgio
Alandorn "Call me Al" Palanuwech
Alandorn "Call me Al" Palanuwech | Class of 2023 | Major: Material science and engineering | Hometown: Bangkok
That guy
Call me Al. Talk to me if you want to be me.
“No life is worth living if we cannot be true to our nature.” -Baine Bloodhoof
Amy Chen
Amy Chen | Class of 2023 | Major: Mathematics & Physics | Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Showcomm Chair '20-'21
i like memes, dr. worm, rank z, the unholy trinity, pHat ass naps, and the clarinet (thank u, very cool!!!)
"forget the net, i play myself" — me, october 2019
Anne Overholt
Anne Overholt | Class of 2023 | Major: Computer Science in the College of Engineering | Hometown: Upton, Massachusetts
"I'm a vegan."
Bella Burgess
Bella Burgess * | Class of 2023 | Major: Global and Public Health Sciences | Hometown: Purcellville, VA
Section Leader '21, Pep Band Fundraising Chair '20/'21
Rank E
I'm never not thinking about Post Malone
Jeff Nan
Jeff Nan | Class of 2023 | Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering | Hometown: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Pep Band Librarian '20
the long one
"Quagsire" -Quagsire
Jiwoo Cheon
Jiwoo Cheon | Class of 2023 | Major: Computer Science | Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
section hooker, rank Z, SaFEty Nets, and the unholy trinity
"I'm uncomfy"
Justin Han
Justin Han * | Class of 2023 | Major: Nutritional Sciences | Hometown: Marlborough, CT
BRMB Fundraising Chair '20, BRPB Historian '20 and '21, Section Leader '21
I wasn’t actually expecting to join the clarinets, but Matthew Ziron convinced me to...thanks dad! I love anything Pokemon, so much that I say “Tauros” instead of “Taurus”...but charmander is the best. I'm the one who always wears a backwards white cap so I'm easy to spot at band events. I am currently deprived of making fudge so please, let me make fudge for you! I'm part of F RANK BEST RANK.
"I was born in 2001”
Kareena Dash
Kareena Dash | Class of 2023 | Major: Chemistry, Biological Sciences | Hometown: Milton, Georgia
BRPB Historian '20, BRPB Treasurer '21
I like corn and Cornell and the color pink. Tell me a story. F RANK BEST RANK. Any day can be a snow day as long as you don't go to class. But go to class please!
"When one person's life is changed, the whole world is changed."
Paige | Class of 2023 | Major: Fine Arts | Hometown: Syracuse
Charmander is Orange Barney, don't finna @ me
Kate Burger
Kate Burger | Class of 2024 | Major: Environment & Sustainability | Hometown: Woodbridge VA
Uniform Chair (2021)
I'm irrationally afraid of sloths, like imagine if sloths could run fast.... bone chillingly spooky
"Solitude in E minor" "YAY E MINOR" "zzzz"