* = section leader
Brandon Quinlan
Brandon Quinlan * | Class of 2019 | Major: Computer Science | Hometown: Freehold, NJ
Head Librarian '16, Clarinet Section Leader '17
I'll put something here eventually
Charlotte Slaughter
Charlotte Slaughter | Class of 2019 | Major: Physics | Hometown: Baltimore, MD
interests include: cats, dank memes, rank f
"I really only listen to, like, German death reggae and Halloween sound effects records from the 1950s." - April Ludgate
Cindy Dou
Cindy Dou | Class of 2019 | Major: Chemical Engineering | Hometown: Pueblo, CO
I didn't actually plan on joining any kind of musical group at Cornell and I don't even play the clarinet (I'm an oboist) but here I am anyway, it's been a wild ride from start to finish - also, I'm in Rank E, which is best rank
"What's broccoli rabe ???" -Richard
Elizabeth Paul
Elizabeth Paul | Class of 2019 | Major: Biological Science | Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD
Jeremy Miller
Jeremy Miller | Class of 2019 | Major: Computer Science | Hometown: Palisade, CO
Rank Z Leader '18
Ye tallest & oldest member of ye big red clarinet section. Also leader of best rank, rank Z. Also a hardcore brony. And probably something else as well, but you'll just ask to ask him if you really want to know...

By the way, I sing Acadeca during the third quarter! Feel free to join me :)
Create what isn't
Joyce Lee
Joyce Lee | Class of 2019 | Major: ILR | Hometown: Honolulu
"Toofu" - Erica
Kristen Ajmo
Kristen Ajmo * | Class of 2019 | Major: Environmental Engineering | Hometown: North Caldwell, NJ
I just really like books, my hedgehog, rank E visuals, and non-vegetable foods
Michelle Cheng
Michelle Cheng | Class of 2019 | Major: Engineering | Hometown: Westborough, MA
"She got a big booty so I call her Big Booty" -Abraham Lincoln, probably
Willa Tsao
Willa Tsao | Class of 2019 | Major: 👻 | Hometown: Wind Lake, WI
Head Librarian '17
Send me all the snake pictures you have. I love snakes. Tarantulas too. I'm probably physically composed of spiders and snakes and your worst hopes. What I like: ¯(ツ)
See, I would have a relevant quotation here but I don't do that kinda thing for whatever reason??
Eden Letzkus
Eden Letzkus | Class of 2020 | Major: Economics | Hometown: Owasso
loves pretending to be a hotelie and explaining what oklahoma is "really like"
"I'm Natalie Parker" -Eden Letzkus
Emily Waite
Emily Waite | Class of 2020 | Major: Engineering Physics | Hometown: Franklin, MA
In case you were wondering, I am awesome. That's all you really need to know. If you want a longer bio, then I guess here it is: I grew up in a boring town in Massachusetts called Franklin and went to Franklin High School. Here at Cornell, I am part of the class of 2020 and I plan to major in engineering physics. In terms of band, I am part of both the pep band and marching band and am in Rank E for Excellent.
"Size matters not. Judge me by my size, do you?" - Yoda
Harrison Hidalgo
Harrison Hidalgo | Class of 2020 | Major: Mechanical Engineering | Hometown: Litchfield, New Hampshire
I am a real nerd, I run D&D. If you want in, talk to me. I love comedy and have a rather dark sense of it so be warned. Rank Z is ze best.
Jameela Suleiman
Jameela Suleiman | Class of 2020 | Major: Government & Religious Studies | Hometown: Temecula, California
Yooooooo....So to sum myself up in one sentence: My name is Jameela, I'm from SoCal, and I'm a Muslim-Buddhist Palestinian -Mexican Bisexual American woman. Try saying that ten times fast. So no,I'm most definitely not a Trump supporter, in case you're so dim-witted that the above description didn't tell you that already. I like food. And kittens. And if you're not a Disney fan, I'm sorry, but I don't trust you..Kay I'm done.
"A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle"
Maya Bradley
Maya Bradley | Class of 2020 | Major: Government & Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Rank E Leader '17
I'm the one walking around pretending that they know what they're doing, but if you talk to me I'll probably invite you to Zumba so you can laugh at me trying to dance. Interests of the moment include Game of Thrones, confused-looking prefrosh parents, caffeine, and band (of course).
"Sorry, I was just venting. Accurately." - Starbuck
Michael Earle
Michael Earle | Class of 2020 | Major: Mechanical Engineering | Hometown: Ossining, NY
Pep Band Secretary '17, Lynah Telephone '17-'20
Likes: Shouting, hockey, motorcycles, sailing. Dislikes: Pandas, concrete canoes, when birds walk across the road. When you consider the classification of food, you need to not only look at the physical structure, but the evolution. Wraps are in the same family as sandwiches
"Oh hai, Mark!"
Natalie Parker
Natalie Parker | Class of 2020 | Major: French and Nutrition | Hometown: Ridgefield, Connecticut
Alumni Relations Chair '18, Historian '18
I used to study Math, but then I decided to be a pre-med French major instead. I get way too excited over BRBAA meetings and I used to bring P-Milk to parties. I love Birkenstocks, bubble tea, and screaming during games. Someday I want to be a Dietitian and make the world a happier place :)
Natalie "Just Wanted Plain Pancakes" Parker
Adeline Balfour
Adeline Balfour | Class of 2021 | Major: Music/Bio | Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota
My favorite foods are corn bread and frozen peas. Every night I fall asleep listening to the audiobook of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
"I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense I had no idea what to do."
Jinny Gui
Jinny Gui | Class of 2021 | Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering, maybe CS minor? | Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Watches too much YouTube and Twitch, maybe the occasional 'TV' when the Olympics or NCAA basketball tournament rolls around. Possibly the most random person, but only when I'm very tired and done with the shyte that is lyfe. I have recently realized how much fun yelling and hockey combined are. Find me "living" in Duffield. #ZBestRankZ
"No one here knows what they're doing. Everyone is fronting." Phil from Wong Fu
Kwame Hammond Jr.
Kwame Hammond Jr. | Class of 2021 | Major: Applied Economics and Management | Hometown: Poughkeepsie
Hey guys, I'm Kwame, from Poughkeepsie NY, don't let that fool you though I am not a real New Yorker. I was born in Michigan and spent a lot of my childhood in Connecticut. Anyways I'm one of the few band kids in AEM and I hope to one day be a successful Wall Street investor, but who knows, life is full of surprises.
" Be confident in your ability to succeed " -Kwame A. Hammond Jr. ( yup i just quoted myself)
Leia Parrish
Leia Parrish | Class of 2021 | Major: Food Science/Business Minor | Hometown: Ellicott City, MD
Matthew Ziron
Matthew Ziron | Class of 2021 | Major: Operations Research and Engineering | Hometown: Hebron, CT
Greetings, I am Matthew I of the soon to be Zironian Dynasty. I like to indulge in the freshest and dankest of memes just like any other red (and white and blue) blooded American. I also enjoy SpongeBob, spending time with man's best friend (the clarinet), and doing things that irritate others ever so slightly. Come talk to me about things such as why Dan Quayle is the greatest Vice President of all time, and all your life's questions will be answered, including but not limited to: "Why is this guy's best friend a clarinet?"
"Who you callin' Pinhead?" - Pinhead Larry
Theory Li
Theory Li | Class of 2021 | Major: Drum | Hometown: Siebenberg
Pep Band Equipment Chair ’18
I like chicken and women
Andrea Maghacot
Andrea Maghacot | Class of 2022 | Major: English and Philosophy | Hometown: Allentown, PA
I recommend the clarinet, hugs, kindness, people, Rank Z, emoticons, My Little Pony, equality, love and inspirational quotes:))))) P.S. I hope you're having a wonderfully wonderful day! P.P.S. You're beautiful and amazing and kewl as well ~(・∀・ )~
^-^ *inserts inspirational quote*
Jess Sakamoto
Jess Sakamoto | Class of 2022 | Major: Engineering | Hometown: Huntington Beach, California
I'm actually a violinist-pianist-percussionist trying to blend in with the clarinets. It's going well so far - some of them have noticed, but surely the audience won't.
Life is good!
Leigh Miller
Leigh Miller | Class of 2022 | Major: Environmental and Sustainability Sciences | Hometown: Lansing, NY
I like band, parading, chocolate, my family, making puns, and enjoying the great outdoors!
Punch Bug Red!