Clarinet Family Tree
* = section leader
Andrea Maghacot
Andrea Maghacot | Class of 2022 | Major: English and Feminist, Gender, amd Sexuality Studies | Hometown: Allentown, PA
I recommend the clarinet, hugs, kindness, people, Rank Z, emoticons, My Little Pony, equality, love and inspirational quotes:))))) P.S. I hope you're having a wonderfully wonderful day! P.P.S. You're beautiful and amazing and kewl as well ~(・∀・ )~
^-^ *inserts inspirational quote*
Ava Soule
Ava Soule | Class of 2022 | Major: French | Hometown: Nashua, NH
Pep Band Co-Social Chair 2019
Shrek should run for president.
"I like that boulder." -Donkey
Bailey Walvoord
Bailey Walvoord | Class of 2022 | Major: IARD | Hometown: Oakland
Carey Lau
Carey Lau | Class of 2022 | Major: Biology | Hometown: Freehold, NJ
Uniform Chair '19
I enjoy band, sunlight, honey nut cheerios, and saying I will definitely be awake to get breakfast with Leigh.
"I love Brandon"
Garrison Eatmon
Garrison Eatmon | Class of 2022 | Major: Operations Research & Engineering | Hometown: White Plains, NY
Bep Band Librarian '20, '21, Bep Band Historian '20
Bep band best band, and rank E supremacy. Also, I like mac.
Jess Sakamoto
Jess Sakamoto | Class of 2022 | Major: Engineering | Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
I'm actually a violinist-pianist-percussionist trying to blend in with the clarinets. It's going well so far - some of them have noticed, but surely the audience won't. I love salad and procrastinating homework with Ava.
Life is good!
Leigh Miller
Leigh Miller | Class of 2022 | Major: Environmental and Sustainability Sciences | Hometown: Lansing, NY
BRMB Secretary '19, BRPB Historian '19
Likes: band, parading, Appel cinnamon twists, the earth, Rank E, the 'nets<3 Dislikes: lack of band, climate change, only being able to take Introductory Oceanography with Bruce Monger one time :(
"Who's Leigh Miller?" -Giorgio
Adeline Balfour
Adeline Balfour | Class of 2021 | Major: Music/Bio | Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota
My favorite foods are corn bread and frozen peas. Every night I fall asleep listening to the audiobook of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
"I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense I had no idea what to do."
Audrey Guo
Audrey Guo | Class of 2021 | Major: Biomedical Engineering | Hometown: Basically Princeton, NJ
Head Librarian '18, Treasurer '19
Hi! I'm an (sad) engineer, so you can probably find me in Duffield complaining about how messy my classes are when I'm not in the middle of band things. I enjoy cats and other soft animals (rip allergies) and do origami and read in my spare time. I don't actually play clarinet, I just pretend I do, so don't let any lack of musical skill scare you away from band. :Dc
"I don't really play an instrument so just I'm here for moral support"
Caressa | Class of 2021 | Major: Biology | Hometown: Chesapeake
Fundraising chair
hello I am either hopefully a bio major or ece major. I have a pet mouse named clover she’s the love of my life along with my dog Le Pew. It’s kinda sad that I can’t think of anything to say except introducing my pets but it’s fine. My favorite food is Mac n cheese. The end.
“Because a kitchen sink to you is not a kitchen sink to me ok friend?”
Jinny Gui
Jinny Gui | Class of 2021 | Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering, maybe CS minor? | Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Watches too much YouTube and Twitch, maybe the occasional 'TV' when the Olympics or NCAA basketball tournament rolls around. Possibly the most random person, but only when I'm very tired and done with the shyte that is lyfe. I have recently realized how much fun yelling and hockey combined are. Find me "living" in Duffield. #ZBestRankZ
"No one here knows what they're doing. Everyone is fronting." Phil from Wong Fu
Kai Chen
Kai Chen | Class of 2021 | Major: Biology | Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Talk to me about Marvel! I'll love you very much!
Kwame Hammond Jr.
Kwame Hammond Jr. | Class of 2021 | Major: Applied Economics and Management | Hometown: Poughkeepsie
Hey guys, I'm Kwame, from Poughkeepsie NY, don't let that fool you though I am not a real New Yorker. I was born in Michigan and spent a lot of my childhood in Connecticut. Anyways I'm one of the few band kids in AEM and I hope to one day be a successful Wall Street investor, but who knows, life is full of surprises.
" Be confident in your ability to succeed " -Kwame A. Hammond Jr. ( yup i just quoted myself)
Leia Parrish
Leia Parrish | Class of 2021 | Major: Food Science/Business Minor | Hometown: Ellicott City, MD
Matthew Ziron
Matthew Ziron | Class of 2021 | Major: Operations Research and Engineering | Hometown: Hebron, CT
Greetings, I am Matthew I of the soon to be Zironian Dynasty. I like to indulge in the freshest and dankest of memes just like any other red (and white and blue) blooded American. I also enjoy SpongeBob, spending time with man's best friend (the clarinet), and doing things that irritate others ever so slightly. Come talk to me about things such as why Dan Quayle is the greatest Vice President of all time, and all your life's questions will be answered, including but not limited to: "Why is this guy's best friend a clarinet?"
"Who you callin' Pinhead?" - Pinhead Larry
Robbie Goldberg
Robbie Goldberg | Class of 2021 | Major: Computer Science | Hometown: Weston, Florida
Sad BOI *who now has* a bio (also Section Leader 2019)
Hi! I'm Robbie. I love video games, stand-up comedy, EDM, and BoJack Horseman. I've only been in marching band for one semester (and pep band for two), but band has become my whole social life at Cornell, and I love it.
All things in moderation, including moderation.
Theory Li
Theory Li | Class of 2021 | Major: Drum | Hometown: Siebenberg
Pep Band Equipment Chair ’18
I like chicken and women
Eden Letzkus
Eden Letzkus | Class of 2020 | Major: Economics | Hometown: Owasso
loves pretending to be a hotelie and explaining what oklahoma is "really like"
"I'm Natalie Parker" -Eden Letzkus
Emily Waite
Emily Waite | Class of 2020 | Major: Engineering Physics | Hometown: Franklin, MA
In case you were wondering, I am awesome. That's all you really need to know. If you want a longer bio, then I guess here it is: I grew up in a boring town in Massachusetts called Franklin and went to Franklin High School. Here at Cornell, I am part of the class of 2020 and I plan to major in engineering physics. In terms of band, I am part of both the pep band and marching band and am in Rank E for Excellent.
"Size matters not. Judge me by my size, do you?" - Yoda
Harrison Hidalgo
Harrison Hidalgo | Class of 2020 | Major: Mechanical Engineering | Hometown: Litchfield, New Hampshire
I am a real nerd, I run D&D. If you want in, talk to me. I love comedy and have a rather dark sense of it so be warned. Rank Z is ze best.
Jameela Suleiman
Jameela Suleiman | Class of 2020 | Major: Government & Religious Studies | Hometown: Temecula, California
Yooooooo....So to sum myself up in one sentence: My name is Jameela, I'm from SoCal, and I'm a Muslim-Buddhist Palestinian -Mexican Bisexual American woman. Try saying that ten times fast. So no,I'm most definitely not a Trump supporter, in case you're so dim-witted that the above description didn't tell you that already. I like food. And kittens. And if you're not a Disney fan, I'm sorry, but I don't trust you..Kay I'm done.
"A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle"
Maya Bradley
Maya Bradley | Class of 2020 | Major: Government & Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Rank E Leader '17
I'm the one walking around pretending that they know what they're doing, but if you talk to me I'll probably invite you to Zumba so you can laugh at me trying to dance. Interests of the moment include Game of Thrones, confused-looking prefrosh parents, caffeine, and band (of course).
"Sorry, I was just venting. Accurately." - Starbuck
Michael Earle
Michael Earle | Class of 2020 | Major: Mechanical Engineering | Hometown: Ossining, NY
Pep Band Secretary '17, '18, '19, '20, Lynah Telephone '17-'20
Likes: Shouting, hockey, motorcycles, sailing. Dislikes: Pandas, concrete canoes, when birds walk across the road. When you consider the classification of food, you need to not only look at the physical structure, but the evolution. Wraps evolved along the same developmental lines as sandwiches, and are, therefore, in the overarching family of "Sandwiches"
"I've never predicted a Cornell win in my life."
Natalie Parker
Natalie Parker | Class of 2020 | Major: French and Nutrition | Hometown: Ridgefield, Connecticut
Pep Band Manager '19, Alumni Relations Chair '18, Historian '18
I used to study Math and was pre-med, but then I decided to be a French major and drop the whole doctor thing. I get way too excited over BRBAA meetings and I used to bring Pea Milk to parties. I love Eden, Birkenstocks, bubble tea, Pep Band, dying my hair, Rank Z, and screaming during parading. I don't know how to play Davy. Someday I want to make nutritious foods more accessible for low income families and make the world a healthier, happier place :)
"I'm Eden Letzkus" - Natalie Parker
Brandon Quinlan
Brandon Quinlan | Class of 2019 | Major: Computer Science | Hometown: Freehold, NJ
Head Librarian '16, Clarinet Section Leader '17
I'll put something here eventually
Charlotte Slaughter
Charlotte Slaughter | Class of 2019 | Major: Physics | Hometown: Baltimore, MD
interests include: cats, dank memes, rank f
"I really only listen to, like, German death reggae and Halloween sound effects records from the 1950s." - April Ludgate
Cindy Dou
Cindy Dou | Class of 2019 | Major: Chemical Engineering | Hometown: Pueblo, CO
I didn't actually plan on joining any kind of musical group at Cornell and I don't even play the clarinet (I'm an oboist) but here I am anyway, it's been a wild ride from start to finish - also, I'm in Rank E, which is best rank
"What's broccoli rabe ???" -Richard
Elizabeth Paul
Elizabeth Paul | Class of 2019 | Major: Biological Science | Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD
Jeremy Miller
Jeremy Miller | Class of 2019 | Major: Computer Science | Hometown: Palisade, CO
Rank Z Leader '18, Pep Band Conductor Sp'19
Ye tallest & oldest member of ye big red clarinet section. Also leader of best rank, rank Z. Also a hardcore brony. And probably something else as well, but you'll just ask to ask him if you really want to know...

By the way, I sing Acadeca during the third quarter! Feel free to join me :)
Create what isn't
Joyce Lee
Joyce Lee | Class of 2019 | Major: ILR | Hometown: Honolulu
"Toofu" - Erica
Kristen Ajmo
Kristen Ajmo | Class of 2019 | Major: Environmental Engineering | Hometown: North Caldwell, NJ
I just really like books, my hedgehog, rank E visuals, and non-vegetable foods
Michelle Cheng
Michelle Cheng | Class of 2019 | Major: Engineering | Hometown: Westborough, MA
"She got a big booty so I call her Big Booty" -Abraham Lincoln, probably
Willa Tsao
Willa Tsao | Class of 2019 | Major: 👻 | Hometown: Wind Lake, WI
Head Librarian '17
Send me all the snake pictures you have. I love snakes. Tarantulas too. I'm probably physically composed of spiders and snakes and your worst hopes. What I like: ¯(ツ)
See, I would have a relevant quotation here but I don't do that kinda thing for whatever reason??
Claudia Guinansaca-Aguilar
Claudia Guinansaca-Aguilar | Class of 2018 | Major: Animal Science | Hometown: Ossining, NY
#squad, Senior Class Representative '17, Rank E Leader '16, '17, Head Librarian '15, '16
Pretty much the sassiest person here. #suckitJason
"My great passion is most definitely basketball...... slash medicine." - Baeson Hutzler
Ethyn Leong
Ethyn Leong | Class of 2018 | Major: Food Science | Hometown: Hilo, HI
Hi. I'm just another foodie obsessed with knives and strange gastronomic topics. Yeah, that's pretty much it. To fill up space, I suppose I should disclose a few warnings: -I am not good at baking; everything can and will go wrong with me. -When bored during rehearsals, I may do... things that may accidentally hit someone. -My food preferences may scare/concern people. That should be good. I look forward to performing with everyone.
"Why do you carry a knife?" or "Put that knife away!"- Everyone I know
Gray Ryan
Gray Ryan | Class of 2018 | Major: ESS | Hometown: Medical Lake
Social chair 2015
I've been traveling through space and time for the last 900 years. That's about it.
I’m being extremely clever up here and there’s no one to stand around looking impressed! What’s the point in having you all?
Jessie Reeves
Jessie Reeves | Class of 2018 | Major: Chemical Engineering | Hometown: Virginia Beach
I'm Jessie, a mix of serious and hilarious (at my own expense), and quite frankly I don't even know who I am. I like adorable animals, indie music, FOOD, sleep, Anchorman, crude/offensive humor, and many more edible or procrastination inducing things. I don't know who I'll be in the future and I'm indecisive, but being great is the one choice I'm choosing to make.
"I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal." -Ron Burgundy
Niranjan "Nir" Ravi
Niranjan "Nir" Ravi | Class of 2018 | Major: Computer Science | Hometown: North Potomac, MD
Librarian '15, Clarinet Section Leader '16, Rank Z Leader '16-17, Head Honcho '17-18
Interests include watching Netflix, playing board games, eating, fantasy football, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.
"In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move." - Douglas Adams
Susan Eichhorn
Susan Eichhorn | Class of 2018 | Major: Biological Sciences | Hometown: Merrick, NY
Pep Band Manager '17, Rank Z Leader '17, Show Committee Chair '16, Pep Band Historian '15, '16
I'm Susan and I'm easily one of the most basic people you will ever meet. My interests include selfies, making playlists of non-basic music, and watching episodes of very basic shows. My credo is a life without headbands is a life not worth living.
"The only time I set the bar low is for limbo." -Michael Scott
Emma Mosier
Emma Mosier | Class of 2017 | Major: Environmental Engineering | Hometown: State College, PA
"Life is punching me in the face." - Emma Mosier
Ian Breslow
Ian Breslow | Class of 2017 | Major: Science of Earth Systems | Hometown: Bellmore
Pep Band Treasurer
Likes: Muse, cheese, tennis, rock music, cars, ocean, animals, game of thrones, survivor, sushi, turquoise, aurora borealis, board games, video games, wine, nintendo 64, space
Jesse Wu
Jesse Wu | Class of 2017 | Major: Operations Research and Engineering | Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Rank Z Leader '14-'16
I like podcasts about various topics from politics to sports to Harry Potter, strategic and tactical games, RPGs, statistics, Twitter, the Philadelphia Eagles, and observing the differences in American culture between regions. While in band and at Cornell I enjoyed coming up with DIY costumes, living on West, going on trips, rank leading, etc.
Julia Cole
Julia Cole | Class of 2017 | Major: Fine Arts | Hometown: Newberry, South Carolina
Publicity Chair '14, Historian '16
Cornell Fine Arts major, diet coke addict. I watch parks and rec on repeat, play overwatch, and listen to griffin mcelory content. Proud snake mom and ΛΠΧ Hermana SP17.
Do not reach for the stars. They are giant balls of fiery gas. Waste of time.
Julia Joseph
Julia Joseph | Class of 2017 | Major: Computer Science | Hometown: Rye Brook
Things I like: slam poetry, Impressionist and Surrealist art and music, the color green, reading, recreational running, boots, good-hair-days, heights, Broadway, comics, instrumental rock music, Google, calligraphy...
"J'y gagne," dit le renard, "a cause de la couleur du ble."
Melvin Li
Melvin Li | Class of 2017 | Major: English | Hometown: South Setauket, NY
#squadleader, Apartment B Leader '16
“... No, it is impossible; it is impossible to convey the life-sensation of any given epoch of one’s existence—that which makes its truth, its meaning—its subtle and penetrating essence. It is impossible. We live, as we dream—alone....” -- Heart of Darkness
"Everybody steal, everybody steal." -- Melvin Li
Serena Takada
Serena Takada | Class of 2017 | Major: Environmental Engineering | Hometown: Harrison, NY
Daniel Hanggi
Daniel Hanggi | Class of 2016 | Major: Chemical Engineering, Computer Science | Hometown: Chittenango
Rank E Leader '14, Librarian '14
Eric Sanchez
Eric Sanchez | Class of 2016 | Major: Philosophy | Hometown: Oakland, CA
"It's kinda cutsie" - Eric, 2012
Evie Murphy
Evie Murphy | Class of 2016 | Major: Sociology and Psychology | Hometown: Andover, CT
Rank Z Leader '14, '15
If you haven't been licked by me yet, you will be soon! My favorite song is CARRY ON WAYWARD SON and I am particularly fond of pelvic thrusting during Everybody's Everything, collecting mouth guards I find on the football field, and correcting everyone on their pronunciation of "rubber band". I also really like CONNECTICUT and anything Asian!
There is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that cannot be improved by pizza.
Jason Hutzler
Jason Hutzler | Class of 2016 | Major: HBHS | Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Show Committee Chair '14
A life without the Spurs is a life not worth living.
Jess Wong
Jess Wong | Class of 2016 | Major: Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR) | Hometown: West Islip, NY
Clarinet Section Leader '14 & '15, Rank E Leader '13,'14 & '15
I am known to some as "the mayor". Also, many of my fellow clarinetists claim that I know everything about everyone, even things you don't know about yourself; however, it is not true, or so you think. ;) Things I like: baking, traveling, canvas shoes, food (except brussels sprout, chocolate, and peanut butter), history, and some much more!
“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” ~ Ernest Hemingway
Jessica Hubbard
Jessica Hubbard | Class of 2016 | Major: Atmospheric Science | Hometown: Bassett, Virginia
I dropped my music once during a marching band show and I fell down some stairs another time so that pretty much sums my life up
"I intimidate guys with my high level of vernacular"
Melissa Bravo
Melissa Bravo | Class of 2016 | Major: ILR | Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Currently getting my Master's of Social Work at CSULB. Spend most of my time wishing I was back in Ithaca.
Michael "Bubbles" Iadevaia
Michael "Bubbles" Iadevaia | Class of 2016 | Major: Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR) | Hometown: Commack, NY
Clarinet Section Leader '14, '15, Rank F Leader '14, '15
Interests include: video games, Monopoly, Italian things, watching TV, cooking, reading (hence, my major), writing, and traveling (specifically to hot places and/or Italy). I'm currently a law student at Cornell Law School (Class of 2019).
“Look at the sky. Ask yourselves: Has the sheep eaten the flower, yes or no? And you will see how everything changes...”
Michael Lee
Michael Lee | Class of 2016 | Major: Math, Physics, Music | Hometown: Vernon (Rockville), CT
I am a person with some ambiguous number of features and thoughts. Possibly even interests and goals. That's enough detail to figure out pretty much everything else about me, right? Update (September 2016): I'm currently getting my M.S. in Computer Science and my Ph.D. in Applied Math at Brown University. Email me if you have questions about playing the clarinet, joining CU Winds, or studying math, physics, or music at Cornell!
"If I had only known, I would have been a locksmith." -- Albert Einstein
Anita Mbogoni
Anita Mbogoni | Class of 2015 | Major: Biology & Society | Hometown: Queens, NY
Class Rep '11, Secretary '12, Rank E Leader '12-13, Alumni Chair '13, Section Leader '13, Pep Band Conductor Fall '14&Spring '15
Things I like: alphabetized lists, biology, quoting/reenacting Spongebob with Kim Snyder, singing, #Twitter. Oh, and I enjoy music theory more than any sane person should.
"If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on."
Julia Ridley
Julia Ridley | Class of 2015 | Major: Psychology | Hometown: Ithaca, NY
Julian Whitman
Julian Whitman | Class of 2015 | Major: Mechanical Engineering | Hometown: Alexandria, VA
Rank E Leader '12
Kim Snyder
Kim Snyder | Class of 2015 | Major: Science of Natural and Environmental Systems | Hometown: Ossining, NY
Marcus Foo
Marcus Foo | Class of 2015 | Major: Philosophy | Hometown: Woodbury, NY
Head Field Manager '13
Nick Cheng
Nick Cheng | Class of 2015 | Major: Computer Science | Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Ross Widom
Ross Widom | Class of 2015 | Major: History | Hometown: Chappaqua, NY
Benjamin Robbins
Benjamin Robbins | Class of 2014 | Major: Mathematics | Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
Clarinet Section Leader '12, '13
Bri DeRooy
Bri DeRooy | Class of 2014 | Major: Chemical Engineering | Hometown: Spencerport, NY
Rank F Leader '11, '12, '13, Clarinet Section Leader '12
Christine Muccianti
Christine Muccianti | Class of 2014 | Major: Physics | Hometown: Hartland, WI
Rank Z Leader '13, Head Librarian '12, '13
<INSERT SOMETHING RIDICULOUS HERE> People should give me ideas.
Dhanya Tadipatri
Dhanya Tadipatri | Class of 2014 | Major: Biological Engineering | Hometown: Shelton, CT
Rank F Leader '12, '13
Aside from playing music I enjoy reading, eating ice cream, going to amusement parks, playing crumpets, running, playing DDR, and going on random adventures.
Love doesn't scream or shout. Love is like a mime in a soundproof box that's refrigerated. Also in that box is ice cream, and I brought two spoons.
Hallie Klein
Hallie Klein | Class of 2014 | Major: HBHS | Hometown: Long Beach, NY
Rank F Leader '11, Show Committee Chair '12, '13
Liz Klueber
Liz Klueber | Class of 2014 | Major: Animal Science | Hometown: Bay Shore, NY
Not much to tell...I enjoy reading, horseback riding and extreme sports. I'm aiming towards vet school.
Annie Cho
Annie Cho | Class of 2013 | Major: Operations Research | Hometown: Boston, MA
Rank F Leader '10
Charlsie Walfish
Charlsie Walfish | Class of 2013 | Major: Accounting | Hometown: Commack, NY
David Weng
David Weng | Class of 2013 | Major: Computer Science | Hometown: Boston, MA
JeanPierre Coaquira
JeanPierre Coaquira | Class of 2013 | Major: Biology and Society | Hometown: Redwood City, CA
Jen Sun
Jen Sun | Class of 2013 | Major: Science of Natural and Environmental Systems | Hometown: Irvine, CA
Jon Doheny
Jon Doheny | Class of 2013 | Major: Biology | Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Qiming Fang
Qiming Fang | Class of 2013 | Major: Computer Science | Hometown: Newton, MA
Rank F Leader '10
Hi I'm Qiming. I like to play frisbee and baseball
If music be the food of love, play on
Rachel Wong
Rachel Wong | Class of 2013 | Major: Linguistics | Hometown: Boston, MA
Rank Z Leader '11, '12
Andrea Shapiro
Andrea Shapiro | Class of 2012 | Major: Psychology | Hometown: Needham, MA
Clarinet Section Leader '11, Uniform Chair '09, Rank E Leader '10, '11
"I am sometimes very quiet. I am always very short."
Jen Davis
Jen Davis | Class of 2012 | Major: Independent: Mechanical Engineering & Leadership | Hometown: Windsor, CT
Clarinet Section Leader '10, '11, Show Committee Chair '11, 'Rank Z Leader '10, '11, '12
I'm really Class of 2012+1! I'm crazy but a loveable crazy, basically I'm the biggest loser you'll meet but people like me anyways I guess.
"I do what I can for the peoples."
Katie Newton
Katie Newton | Class of 2012 | Major: Chemistry | Hometown: Ft. Bragg, NC
Kevin Kho
Kevin Kho | Class of 2012 | Major: Economics, Government | Hometown: Agoura Hills, CA
Head Field Manager '09
Mr. Kho has 20 years of experience in the noise industry. He has had key roles in such projects as clapping his hands and blowing his nose loudly. He currently oversees the strategic acquisition and allocation of human capital in all of our major European operations
Makhlook Singh
Makhlook Singh | Class of 2012 | Major: Computer and Electrical Engineering | Hometown: Patiala, India
Michael Vidal
Michael Vidal | Class of 2012 | Major: Engineering Physics | Hometown: Matawan, NJ
Rank F Leader '09
Norris Xu
Norris Xu | Class of 2012 | Major: Computer Science | Hometown: Superior, CO
Tom Jackson
Tom Jackson | Class of 2012 | Major: Electrical Engineering | Hometown: Holmdel
Pep Band Equipment Chair '10, Class Rep '10, Rank E Leader '10
Alyssa Henning
Alyssa Henning | Class of 2011 | Major: | Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
Dan Gu
Dan Gu | Class of 2011 | Major: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology | Hometown: Needham, MA
Clarinet Section Leader '09, Pep Band Equipment Chair '08, Pep Band Treasurer '09, Pep Band Conductor Spring '11, Rank E Leader '08, '09
"Stop being a little bitch!" - Dan
Lauren Mangano
Lauren Mangano | Class of 2011 | Major: Materials Science and Engineering/Biomedical Engineering Minor | Hometown: Newtown, PA
Head Manager '10, Alumni Relations Chair '09, Rank Z Leader '09
Lei Du
Lei Du | Class of 2011 | Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering | Hometown: Allentown, PA
Matt Haber
Matt Haber | Class of 2011 | Major: Biological Sciences | Hometown: Holland, PA
Michael Oleske
Michael Oleske | Class of 2011 | Major: Computer Science | Hometown: Lancaster, PA
Clarinet Section Leader '10
"I'm a flowing and graceful dancer, or at least I pretend, and I like to play in traffic with moving vehicles." - Michael Oleske
Sheldon Xu
Sheldon Xu | Class of 2011 | Major: | Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Adam Sorrin
Adam Sorrin | Class of 2010 | Major: Applied and Engineering Physics, Computer Science | Hometown: Somewhere in South Florida
Show Comm Chair '08, Pep Band Conductor Spring '10
Amanda Perlman
Amanda Perlman | Class of 2010 | Major: Ithaca College | Hometown:
Christine Bricault
Christine Bricault | Class of 2010 | Major: Biological Sciences | Hometown:
Justin Landy
Justin Landy | Class of 2010 | Major: Psychology, Religious Studies | Hometown: Silver Springs, MD
Show Comm Chair '09, Rank F Leader '07, '08
Kayla Altland
Kayla Altland | Class of 2010 | Major: Archaeology | Hometown: Dillsburg, PA
Clarinet Section Leader '08, Historian '09, Rank Z Leader '07, '08
Lee Ann Richardson
Lee Ann Richardson | Class of 2010 | Major: Civil Engineering | Hometown: Westfield, MA
Monica Jackman
Monica Jackman | Class of 2010 | Major: Biological and Environmental Engineering | Hometown: Milburn, NJ
Clarinet Section Leader '09, Rank E Leader '07, '08, '09
Ramya Tadipatri
Ramya Tadipatri | Class of 2010 | Major: Biological Engineering | Hometown: Shelton, CT
Show Comm Chair '09
Colleen Cassidy
Colleen Cassidy | Class of 2009 | Major: Animal Science | Hometown: Fairport, NY
Emma Doody
Emma Doody | Class of 2009 | Major: | Hometown: Stamford, CT
Rank Z Leader '06
Giselle Guron
Giselle Guron | Class of 2009 | Major: Food Science | Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Howard Hagan
Howard Hagan | Class of 2009 | Major: Information Science, Systems and Technology | Hometown:
Rank F Leader '07
Jen Newman
Jen Newman | Class of 2009 | Major: Atmospheric Sciences | Hometown: Malden, MA
Clarinet Section Leader '07, '08, Rank Z Leader '06, '07, '08
I'm 20 years old, my favorite color is blue, and according to the CUPD, my clarinet case looks like it contains a bomb. - Jen
Becca Priebe
Becca Priebe | Class of 2008 | Major: Applied and Engineering Physics | Hometown: "A very rural area of Pennsylvania"
Head Manager '07, Rank E Leader '06
Elliot Pinkus
Elliot Pinkus | Class of 2008 | Major: Information Science | Hometown: Deerfield, IL
Clarinet Section Leader '06, Rank F Leader '05, '06
Justin Rosen
Justin Rosen | Class of 2008 | Major: International Relations, Philosophy | Hometown: Short Hills, NJ
Clarinet Section Leader '06, Pep Band Conductor Fall '06, Pep Band Conductor Spring '08, Rank Z Leader '06
Peggy Fandrich
Peggy Fandrich | Class of 2008 | Major: Linguistics, English | Hometown: Auburn, NY
Clarinet Section Leader '07, Rank E Leader '06, '07
I was once mistaken for a man by a Spencer's Gifts employee, and I like the orange Starbursts better than the other Starbursts. - Peggy
David "Hotelie Dave" Lefkowitz
David "Hotelie Dave" Lefkowitz | Class of 2007 | Major: Hotel Administration | Hometown:
David Kim
David Kim | Class of 2007 | Major: | Hometown:
Jenica Abram
Jenica Abram | Class of 2007 | Major: | Hometown:
Lizzie Davies
Lizzie Davies | Class of 2007 | Major: | Hometown:
Sonia Jakse
Sonia Jakse | Class of 2007 | Major: | Hometown:
Theresa Hsu-Whiting
Theresa Hsu-Whiting | Class of 2007 | Major: | Hometown:
Aaron "Fletch" Sommers
Aaron "Fletch" Sommers | Class of 2006 | Major: Linguistics and Economics | Hometown: Albany, Oregon
Aimee Hartono
Aimee Hartono | Class of 2006 | Major: | Hometown:
Chris Russo
Chris Russo | Class of 2006 | Major: | Hometown:
Jeremy Kerman
Jeremy Kerman | Class of 2006 | Major: | Hometown:
Drum Major '05, Clarinet Section Leader '04
Minh-Dan Tran
Minh-Dan Tran | Class of 2006 | Major: Physics | Hometown: Allentown, Pennsylvania
Clarinet Section Leader '05
Nefertiti Bridges
Nefertiti Bridges | Class of 2006 | Major: | Hometown:
Alex Nothern
Alex Nothern | Class of 2005 | Major: Latin American Studies | Hometown: Acton, Massachusetts
Clarinet Section Leader '04
“I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member.” -- Groucho Marx
Anne Jorstad
Anne Jorstad | Class of 2005 | Major: Mathematics | Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Equipment Chair '03, Pep Band Equipment Manager '03
Bo Sun
Bo Sun | Class of 2005 | Major: | Hometown:
Elizabeth Newbold
Elizabeth Newbold | Class of 2005 | Major: International Agriculture and Rural Development | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '05
Jon Auerbach
Jon Auerbach | Class of 2005 | Major: | Hometown:
Anika March
Anika March | Class of 2004 | Major: Human Development | Hometown: Valley Cottage, NY
Favorite BRMB song: Carry On Wayward Son
Diane Katz
Diane Katz | Class of 2004 | Major: Biometry and Statistics | Hometown: Massapequa Park, NY
“If it weren’t for procrastination, I’d have nothing to look forward to tomorrow” -- Ziggy
Kathy Downum
Kathy Downum | Class of 2004 | Major: Physics | Hometown: Holmdel, NJ
Kim Gillece
Kim Gillece | Class of 2004 | Major: | Hometown: New Milford, Connecticut
Pep Band Conductor Fall '04, Clarinet Section Leader '03, Secretary '03, PB Treasurer '02, Fundraising Chair '02, Historian '02
Yes, I did walk into a tree. And yes, I truly did drink paint.
“New Milford, Connecticut…the best town EVER! In the best state EVER!”
Kirstin Ek
Kirstin Ek | Class of 2004 | Major: Music | Hometown: Salem, Oregon
Laura Kiernan
Laura Kiernan | Class of 2004 | Major: Natural Resources | Hometown: Voorhees, New Jersey
“Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within.” -- Miguel de Cervantes
Leslie Moeller
Leslie Moeller | Class of 2004 | Major: Hotel Administration | Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Clarinet Section Leader '02, '03, Historian '02
Michael "Shorts" Rosenkrantz
Michael "Shorts" Rosenkrantz | Class of 2004 | Major: Engineering Physics | Hometown:
Pep Band Conductor Fall '03, Show Committee Chair '02, '03
Favorite drink: Ice water
Michael Maas
Michael Maas | Class of 2004 | Major: History | Hometown: Beverly Hills, California
I started playing clarinet because I was late to my first day of band in 8th grade and clarinet was what was left.
Theresa Fives
Theresa Fives | Class of 2004 | Major: Linguistics | Hometown: Goshen, NY
Clarinet Section Leader '02
Theresa Maas
Theresa Maas | Class of 2004 | Major: Linguistics | Hometown: BEVERLY HILLS
Section leader, Rank leader
Laura Ruganis
Laura Ruganis | Class of 2003 | Major: Biometry and Statistics | Hometown: Rochester, NY
Fundraising Chair '02
“Pffft, English. Who needs that? I’m never going to England!” -- Homer Simpson
Allison Groff
Allison Groff | Class of 2002 | Major: Psychology and French Literature | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '01
Andrew Wolf
Andrew Wolf | Class of 2002 | Major: | Hometown:
Asheen Phansey
Asheen Phansey | Class of 2002 | Major: Chemical Engineering | Hometown: Lynnfield, Massachusetts
Jeff Vinocur
Jeff Vinocur | Class of 2002 | Major: Computer Science | Hometown:
Jen Ruglovsky
Jen Ruglovsky | Class of 2002 | Major: Materials Science and Engineering | Hometown:
Joel Chestnutt
Joel Chestnutt | Class of 2002 | Major: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering | Hometown:
Julie Katz
Julie Katz | Class of 2002 | Major: Biology and Society | Hometown: West Nyack, NY
Keith Savageau
Keith Savageau | Class of 2002 | Major: | Hometown: East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Clarinet Section Leader '01
Sandy Cheever
Sandy Cheever | Class of 2002 | Major: Biology | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '00
Uzo Asonye
Uzo Asonye | Class of 2002 | Major: | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '00
Adele Fung
Adele Fung | Class of 2001 | Major: Biology | Hometown:
Eugene "IGOR" Borrelli
Eugene "IGOR" Borrelli | Class of 2001 | Major: Chemical Engineering | Hometown:
Jackie Sobota
Jackie Sobota | Class of 2001 | Major: English | Hometown:
Jason Kreiselman
Jason Kreiselman | Class of 2001 | Major: Agricultural and Biological Engineering | Hometown:
Jennifer Cartwright
Jennifer Cartwright | Class of 2001 | Major: Biology | Hometown:
Julie Contino
Julie Contino | Class of 2001 | Major: Soil, Crop, and Atmospheric Sciences | Hometown:
Katie Willers
Katie Willers | Class of 2001 | Major: Arts and Sciences | Hometown: Trumansburg, NY
Laura Marino
Laura Marino | Class of 2001 | Major: Industrial and Labor Relations | Hometown:
Michael "Mmmbop" Hanson
Michael "Mmmbop" Hanson | Class of 2001 | Major: Engineering | Hometown:
Michelle Wobser
Michelle Wobser | Class of 2001 | Major: Agricultural and Biological Engineering | Hometown:
Tiffanie Booker
Tiffanie Booker | Class of 2001 | Major: Design and Environmental Analysis | Hometown:
Arriel "Atzy" Atienza
Arriel "Atzy" Atienza | Class of 2000 | Major: Biology | Hometown: Bremerton, Washington
Bernadette Henderson
Bernadette Henderson | Class of 2000 | Major: Communication | Hometown:
Cathy Skibo
Cathy Skibo | Class of 2000 | Major: Chemistry | Hometown: Montclair, New Jersey
Clarinet Section Leader '99
Christiana Root
Christiana Root | Class of 2000 | Major: Animal Science | Hometown: Nesconset, NY
Clarinet Section Leader '99
Devon Stout
Devon Stout | Class of 2000 | Major: History | Hometown: Easton, Pennsylvania
Eric Milkie
Eric Milkie | Class of 2000 | Major: Computer Science | Hometown: Vernon, Connecticut
Jennifer Frazer
Jennifer Frazer | Class of 2000 | Major: Biology | Hometown: Shawnee, Kansas
Kristen Schroeder
Kristen Schroeder | Class of 2000 | Major: Animal Science | Hometown: Fayetteville, NY
Matt Berger
Matt Berger | Class of 2000 | Major: Rural Sociology | Hometown: Merrick, NY
Pep Band Manager '99, Treasurer
Natalie Keller
Natalie Keller | Class of 2000 | Major: Agricultural and Biological Engineering | Hometown: Winchester, Massachusetts
Paige Kalika
Paige Kalika | Class of 2000 | Major: Biology | Hometown: Marlboro, New Jersey
Wendy Chan
Wendy Chan | Class of 2000 | Major: Economics | Hometown:
Darcy Partridge
Darcy Partridge | Class of 1999 | Major: | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '98
Dave "Lucy" Abbott
Dave "Lucy" Abbott | Class of 1999 | Major: | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '97, '98
David "Nip" Liben-Nowell
David "Nip" Liben-Nowell | Class of 1999 | Major: | Hometown:
Harlie Washington
Harlie Washington | Class of 1999 | Major: | Hometown:
Josh Herman
Josh Herman | Class of 1999 | Major: | Hometown:
Mike "Millard" Allard
Mike "Millard" Allard | Class of 1999 | Major: | Hometown:
Chris "Pooky" Bulkley
Chris "Pooky" Bulkley | Class of 1998 | Major: | Hometown:
Eliot Bernstein
Eliot Bernstein | Class of 1998 | Major: | Hometown:
Janet Yu
Janet Yu | Class of 1998 | Major: | Hometown:
Kim "Kimba" McMunn
Kim "Kimba" McMunn | Class of 1998 | Major: | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '97
Robin Levenson
Robin Levenson | Class of 1998 | Major: | Hometown:
Tom Pasniewski
Tom Pasniewski | Class of 1998 | Major: | Hometown:
Carrie "Me Home" Golash
Carrie "Me Home" Golash | Class of 1997 | Major: | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '96
Cherie "Cherry Pudding" Purring
Cherie "Cherry Pudding" Purring | Class of 1997 | Major: | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '96
Ed "D'oh...d'oh...YAHTZEE!" Murphy
Ed "D'oh...d'oh...YAHTZEE!" Murphy | Class of 1997 | Major: | Hometown:
Dan "Tootsie" LaPlaca
Dan "Tootsie" LaPlaca | Class of 1996 | Major: | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '95
Romauli Sianipar
Romauli Sianipar | Class of 1996 | Major: | Hometown:
Trish Gaigals
Trish Gaigals | Class of 1996 | Major: | Hometown:
Chris Lepkowski
Chris Lepkowski | Class of 1995 | Major: | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '94
Jenn Weld
Jenn Weld | Class of 1995 | Major: | Hometown:
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang | Class of 1995 | Major: | Hometown:
Catherine Manlove
Catherine Manlove | Class of 1994 | Major: | Hometown: Huntsville, Alabama
Clarinet Section Leader '93
Kate De Bruin
Kate De Bruin | Class of 1993 | Major: Biological Engineering | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '92
Lauren Axler
Lauren Axler | Class of 1993 | Major: | Hometown:
Glenn Kuenzler
Glenn Kuenzler | Class of 1992 | Major: Mechanical Engineering and Material Science | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '91
Andrea Brunetti
Andrea Brunetti | Class of 1991 | Major: Government | Hometown:
DJ Ledina
DJ Ledina | Class of 1991 | Major: Applied Economics and Management | Hometown: Monticello, NY
Pep Band Conductor Spring & Fall '89, Spring '90
Evan Eldridge
Evan Eldridge | Class of 1991 | Major: Atmospheric Science | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '90
Howie Stein
Howie Stein | Class of 1991 | Major: | Hometown:
Jason Damaso
Jason Damaso | Class of 1991 | Major: English | Hometown:
Kevin Stark
Kevin Stark | Class of 1991 | Major: Electrical Engineering | Hometown: Los Alamos, New Mexico
Alan Schussheim
Alan Schussheim | Class of 1990 | Major: | Hometown:
Carrie Gallup Friend
Carrie Gallup Friend | Class of 1990 | Major: | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '89
Erinn Gossett Stark
Erinn Gossett Stark | Class of 1990 | Major: | Hometown: Aberdeen, New Jersey
Carla Grosse Vascones
Carla Grosse Vascones | Class of 1989 | Major: | Hometown:
I'm the reason the entire band shouts "CARLA!" during Emerald Eyes.
David Russo
David Russo | Class of 1989 | Major: | Hometown:
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller | Class of 1989 | Major: | Hometown:
Marci Braunstein Arnold
Marci Braunstein Arnold | Class of 1989 | Major: | Hometown: Plainview, NY
Paulette Dwen
Paulette Dwen | Class of 1989 | Major: | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '88, Pep Band Conductor Fall '87, Spring & Fall '88
Andy Goode
Andy Goode | Class of 1988 | Major: | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '87
Becca Wood
Becca Wood | Class of 1988 | Major: | Hometown:
Jill Fields
Jill Fields | Class of 1988 | Major: English | Hometown: Abington, Pennsyvlania
Aroldo Arencibia
Aroldo Arencibia | Class of 1987 | Major: | Hometown:
Bill "Beefy" Passarelli
Bill "Beefy" Passarelli | Class of 1987 | Major: | Hometown:
Pep Band Manager '84
Fran Teunis
Fran Teunis | Class of 1987 | Major: | Hometown:
John Campbell
John Campbell | Class of 1987 | Major: | Hometown:
Lynne Raymond
Lynne Raymond | Class of 1987 | Major: | Hometown:
Scott Pesner
Scott Pesner | Class of 1987 | Major: | Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Clarinet Section Leader '85, '86, Pep Band Conductor Spring '87
Steve Santurri
Steve Santurri | Class of 1987 | Major: Mathematics and Philosophy | Hometown:
Charlie Wade
Charlie Wade | Class of 1986 | Major: | Hometown:
Paul Peterson
Paul Peterson | Class of 1986 | Major: Psychology | Hometown:
Rich Goldstein
Rich Goldstein | Class of 1986 | Major: | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '84, Pep Band Conductor Spring and Fall '85, Spring '86
Art Pesner
Art Pesner | Class of 1985 | Major: Business | Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Deborah Togut
Deborah Togut | Class of 1985 | Major: Asian Studies | Hometown:
Gail Fischman Pesner
Gail Fischman Pesner | Class of 1985 | Major: Urban Planning | Hometown: Bayside, NY
Laura Seidel
Laura Seidel | Class of 1985 | Major: Computer Science | Hometown: Clifton Park, NY
Pete Olpe
Pete Olpe | Class of 1984 | Major: Electrical and Electronics Engineering | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '83
Katie Welch
Katie Welch | Class of 1983 | Major: | Hometown:
Clarinet Section Leader '82
Linsey Chen
Linsey Chen | Class of | Major: | Hometown: Roslyn Heights